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Our team of experts has proven success working with clients to assess and manage their exposure in this important area. Together, we can help you:

  • Create a safer workplace and reduce losses
  • Lower your workers’ compensation costs
  • Protect your employees and your business

Our comprehensive workers’ compensation services include:

Workers’ Compensation Policy Analysis

Determine where you are, where you could be and how to get there with a complete experience modification analysis.

Loss Prevention

Identify safety issues and put strategies in place to help you reach your objectives.

Cost Containment Certification

The State of Colorado rewards companies for creating safer work environments by offering a 5 percent discount on insurance for companies who participate in the State of Colorado Cost Containment Certification program.

Association Programs

Moody Insurance has various exclusive association programs in conjunction with Pinnacol that, if you qualify, may further reduce your workers’ compensation premium by 4 percent.


We utilize ModMaster to help you:

  • Forecast your Worker’s Compensation Experience Mod for the next policy period
  • Address concerns, such as significant changes in payroll or loss trends
  • Increase the accuracy of cost allocation and management decisions
  • Develop solutions to address your business’s needs
  • Make the mod part of your total risk management strategy