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With Moody Insurance’s in-house Loss Control department, you have access to a variety of trainings, on-site inspection services, and tailored safety resources to help you assess and manage your risk. Together, we can help you reduce the frequency and severity of loss for your business.

Whether you are just starting out with your safety program or need a strategy for taking your current program to the next level, Moody’s Loss Control experts can help.

We offer a proven portfolio of services and resources designed to help your company meet your health and safety objectives. Our experts will provide your company with technical advice, resources, and assistance in developing, improving, and monitoring an effective loss control program.

Loss Control Program Highlights Include:

  • Review of your current Health and Safety Plan to ensure OSHA compliance
  • Review of your current company policy and procedures for items such as contractual risk transfer, crisis management plans, employee hiring practices, and fleet maintenance programs
  • Comprehensive job site safety audits with photographic documentation
  • Consultation on best practices for any safety related issues and tailored support based on your specific health and safety needs
  • Support for establishing effective Supervisor Accountability programs
  • Counsel on developing Safety Incentive and Disciplinary Action programs
  • Help with the State of Colorado’s Cost Containment Certification
  • OSHA 300 log support
  • Assistance with training programs through your insurance carrier