Employee Benefits Legal Services Colorado


BerniePortal solves employers’ transactional HR challenges with software, and their strategic benefits challenges with the help of a trusted advisor. Looking for a general overview of BerniePortal? BerniePortal hosts a demo every day for employers to preview the system.You can sign up here!


ThinkHR Human Powered – Human Power


One of our newer partnerships has been with ThinkHR, full service HR Company that provides excellent support to our clients. This has been one of the most popular services we have added. You receive your own user name and password when you partner with us. Training tools, webinars, and personalized HR support (phone or email) are all at your fingertips.


Employee Benefits Legal Services Colorado


Moody Insurance employs a full time attorney to assist clients with a variety of legal questions, concerns, and claims. We also partner with an employee benefits law firm that answers basic questions at no cost to our clients. Should your situation require more research or the actual representation of legal counsel, we have negotiated a discount hourly fee for Moody Insurance clients.


Analytics Tool for Employee Benefits


Moody Insurance Agency is proud to offer a high powered analytics tool to our self-funded or statistically credible clientele. Our tool is a flexible, easy-to-use health care plan management system that offers a business approach to managing your healthcare costs. Providing in-depth claims data analytics, the system is designed to improve the financial health of a company along with the wellness of its employees and members.